Rhino Hyde Productions, LLC is a national media, marketing and communications agency based out of St. Louis, with local and bi-coastal team members, ready to serve our clients across the country.

We focus our energy on two main areas: Our relationship with you, our client, and rendering real results for your business. When you have the velocity of a Rhino behind you, you’re going places! We have your back; and we’ll help you all the way through.

Why Rhino? Why Hyde?

CEO Sarah Reinwald Guldalian and Creative Director Jordan Reinwald are sister and brother natives of St. Louis. Rhino is a family nickname, short for Reinwald; but it’s not just the name that forms the “Rhino.” These Rhinos are known for their velocity, energy level and extreme work ethic as well as their tenacity to achieve results which you can only do with thick skin!

In this Rhino family, though, we have many adoptive Rhino Hyde family members. After all, it takes a team of exceptional creatives and strategists to make this place zing! Check out our crazy talented team of writers, producers and designers. This crash of rhinos is a force to be reckoned with! (Yes! “Crash” is a herd of rhinos. Awesome, right?)

As for Hyde, sure, we’re thick-skinned. And, don’t worry; we can spell. Consider that a free plug to Hyde Park, New York, since our style is East Coast derived and we love those tenacious Roosevelts.

Meet The Crash